Current Status

Plangarden is currently being written from the ground up the 4th complete re-write of the software since 2004.

Built for mobile While some prototypes where done of Plangarden on mobile before the technology and platforms never supported it, but with a new start, mobile was key and any smart phone or tablet with reasonable abilities should be able to handle Plangarden. While it may be best to work on details on a larger screen, updates and recording can be done with whatever device you can take out to the garden.

Work Offline While Plangarden will always be an online applications, there are times when you want to work off-line for extended periods of time and sync when you have internet available. The new version does this by storing your garden locally on the device and synchronizing with the Plangarden server. While the next version will handle multiple people updating the same garden from different devices at the same time better, it is not designed to handle conflicts. Changes will be done at the vegetable level, but still it will use the last update wins approach to conflicts.

Updated database Built on the same principles as the last version of Plangarden the current version will use the same foundation with some changes to data classes and new fields entered. What this means to users is that you will migrate all your old data over and start the new version exactly where you left off. Curls and ellipses will be added later and some rotations may need to be adjusted.

Backups of Garden The last version of Plangarden took a snapshot every time you saved your garden. This version will work differently and thus there is no save button, but it will always update your garden every time you are online. Snapshots will taken to give you the ability to recover previous versions of your garden.

March 2021 Status The core pieces of technology are now in place and authentication, loading gardens, saving updates, switching areas and working with vegetables is up and running with a few bugs. Switching between layouts is much easier and faster and database synchronization has all the key components working. Still need more features added before ready for external testing.