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About Plangarden


Plangarden is the merging of a farm boy from rural South Dakota and a high-tech internet programmer who believes in delivering software via the Web. Roy Stahl grew up on a small farm and ranch in SD and lived on fresh vegetables in the summer and canned goods in the winter. Later on in life, high tech and internet technologies were his calling.


The two worlds collided when this urban gardener (with a thing for many garlic varieties) became interested in better planning and tracking of his vegetable garden as the garden and aspirations grew each year. Roy wanted to provide a program to others so they could plan vegetable gardens and share information about each year's harvest.


Plangarden is built to deliver gardening applications without having to install and update software on a computer. Every time you visit Plangarden, you get the benefits of the latest release software as it continues to grow and provide the best platform for vegetable gardeners.


Enjoy Plangarden!


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