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How to make apple fruit rollups


SHORTCUT: If you have small apples, or just don't like peeling or want to save some time, you can skip peeling and just remove the core. Leaving the peel on makes the rollups taste bland, so I do two things: I replace water with apple juice, and add spices to liven up the taste.


The biggest reason for doing this as a video was to show the consistency of the apple sauce. If it is too thick, it won't dry in a reasonable time (max 14 hrs), dry evenly, or be easily removed from the tray. If you have thick areas, the fruit rollup will not dry uniformly.


VARIATIONS: Add some strawberry sauce to apple sauce for color and different flavor. Strawberry sauce can be a bit sharp and acidic - so don't add too much. Blending with apple sauce give a better flavor.


TO PREVENT STICKING TO TRAY: Take a few drops of cooking oil and spread a thin layer with a paper towel on the fruit rollup tray.





Apple juice/water

Lemon juice (opt)

Brown sugar (opt)


  • Clove
  • Cinnamon
  • Nutmeg
  • Chinese Five Spice


Dehydrator or oven




Need fruit rollup trays


Temp to 135-145F


Time 6-12 hrs



Use cookie tray and freezer paper


Set temp to 170-200F


4-5 hours faster


Limited to the number of racks you have for your oven.