Vegetable Garden Plot


Some pop-up blockers will not allow the Plangarden application to start. If the application window does not open or appears blank, then you need to turn off ad-blocking for this site (select "Tools" option on the Internet Explorer browser menu bar and follow instructions). Or you can download Plangarden on your PC and launch it from your desktop.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions pertaining to the Plangarden vegetable garden planning application.

BUG REPORTS - Bugs have an amazing capacity to migrate from our garden into the Plangarden gardening software! The FORUM is a great place to communicate bugs of any kind. We'll try to respond as quickly as possible!

HOW TO USE PLANGARDEN TOURS - Flash movies (similar to Quick Tour) to help you learn to use Plangarden vegetable garden software:

  • Quick Tour (3 minutes) Flash movie demo showing major features
  • Multiple Gardens (3 minutes) Ways to add several gardens
  • Lay out Plot (5 minutes) Design and lay out your vegetable garden with Lay out Plot
  • Manage Vegetables (7 minutes) Once you've laid out your design, learn how to Manage Vegetables

CONTACT US - Still can't get answers from FAQs or the Forum? We value your feedback and will try to respond as quickly as possible.

DOWNLOADABLE VERSION OF PLANGARDEN - Although the Plangarden vegetable garden planning tool requires no downloads and runs completely on the Web, you DO have the ability to download the application from our site or another URL (e.g. CNET) to your PC if your internet connection is very slow, or you'd like to have the convenience of having Plangarden on your desktop. Please note, however, that the downloadable version of Plangarden still requires an internet connection! More information on the download version.