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I admit that I took a risk when creating this site. Vegetable gardens and computer software don't seem to mix. Vegetable gardens are run by people that like to get dirt under their fingernails and don't like to spend hours behind a computer. At least that is what I thought. If there weren't more people like me that did like to combine both, then plangarden and the project to bring easy to use vegetable garden planning software would all be for not. It seems like mixing a country boy and a city slicker. A country boy would rather not have anything to do with gardening software and a city slicker gets vegetables from isle 1 in the supermarket.

After sampling the garden layout software to a few people, I found that I might be wrong about there not being more people like me. Then I had to look more at what other people wanted in gardening software. I also found that features like harvesting that I initial found as good enough for recording vegetables picked turned out too be to hard for me. In the first version every time you picked vegetables you needed to add it to the previous harvest total.