Vegetable Garden Plot

Pre Vegetable Garden Layout

What did I do before plangarden? Each year I would start a new tab on a spreadsheet. I have a cheat sheet taken from a book on when to start vegetables in Northern California Coast, and take a paint program and do my layout by moving layers around that would be vegetables. Before that I just guessed no plan at all.

While each year I grew nice vegetables, I always longed for more gardening and less time messing with all the different applications. One thing I notices is that each year I would add more to my requirements for record keeping. I wanted to know how many beans where right and how to stagger them. After purchasing a scale I started to weigh some vegetables and fruits. Things like garlic were not weighed, but a board with nails in the pattern of a V was made so I could get the size of garlic to about a 1/4 inch.

Now while I may be a basket case, I do have limits. Some vegetables like parsley and lettuce I could care less about harvest reports. I just want to make sure that I have a plan that gets me lettuce for regular salads, but not so much that I have to eat a salad every night without fail. Basil is fun to measure because it is hard to get quantities for a nice pesto.

Each year my garden layout was based only on the previous year and vegetables where moved around the garden. With lots of beans and peas in the rotation, I was always trying to add nitrogen back into the soil. That and somewhat keeping track of where I dumped my compost bin.

Now to be completely honest, I still do this day do NOT take a laptop or tablet PC into the garden. I print out my garden layout and take it to the garden. I write all my notes on vegetables on the paper and take it back and enter it in the computer.