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Plangarden got it start after being frustrated by not being able to find software that was made specifically for vegetable gardening. Sure there is lots of software out there that lets you do landscapin planning. But vegetable gardening is very different. You don't need to see a 3d view of what it will look like when it is done. What you need is the ability to design your layout for the years gardening, plan for things like fertilizing, and finally record your harvest. If you do a good job of tracking your results you can improve on your gardening each year by reviewing last years records. But I am rambling.

There are a few old programs out there that attempt to help vegetable gardeners, but they are limited, hard to use and so old you know that there will never be another update and it won't work with the next OS or computer you own.

Growing up in South Dakota gave me early gardening experience (some of which I would like to forget, like planting an entire row of zuchinni after being handed the seed package). From there I went from computers to electical engineering, to emulators and that lead to EDA (electronic design automation) then into web design that suited my taste in programming and rapid applications that where platform independant. A small plot of yard used to grow herbs grew into a raised garden that now grows hundreds of garlics, tomatoes, lettuce and many other favorite veggies of my family.

As Macromedia's Flash grew up and had a real language and remote service protocol, I knew that I could put my web passion with my gardening joys.

Of course with several projects ongoing it was hard to get a start, but finally I didn and I designed plangarden to be what I wanted to make my gardening and record keeping easier. Next I checked and it seemed like there might be some interest by other people, so I extended what I was doing to an application that other people could use for their own gardening experience.

The layout of my garden was not a simple rectangle. My garden goes nearly year round and I have several sites including a make-shift coldframe. I had been in a dot-com that did lots of drag and drop on web pages. So I wanted a vegetable garden application that was easy to use and fun to write.

Of course all this rambling is because it is better than a blog my topic , vegetable garden design software, so I will keep added rambling content. I don't know if you will want to tolerate the nonsense where I just make sure I throw in the words like vegetable gardening and planning. Sometime I might just misspel vegtable because beleive it or not a lot of people spell vegtable rather than vegetable.