Vegetable Garden Plot

Vegetable Garden Layout Strategy 2006

Each year I print out my garden layout and head down to the deck to determine my vegetable garden layout for the year. Garlic dominate my garden with 400 bulbs this year in prime locations. I have picked a cooler shadier part of the vegtable garden for peas that should do them well. I have mixed in compost to most the the garden that has been sitting over winter in the rains. And added lots of new worms in the compost.

For the vegetable garden this year I have a new crop rotation. The soil from the bell pepers that lived in the coldframe was moved to the bins where I grow potatoes. This was done thinking as peppers are heavy feeds that it will reduce the nitrogen in the soil. Sulfur was added to make the soil more acidic as the soil here is incredibly alkailine.

For the next part of my garden layout the potatoe soil was moved into a mound and had heavy amounts of compost mixed in with it early in the fall. Now more has been added and bloodmeal as lettuce has been placed there. I have some poor soil set aside for the rest of the vegetable garden that will be growing beans.

All this and I am behind in using my own software as I have been very busy with other projects and trying to get the software ready for general usage. Now that it is getting close I will be working on getting my own garden ready. By the way the sample garden that I sometime make available uses part of my garden plan from 2005.

I love to plan my garden and then measure the success in the harvest. But eqaully each failure that I try to learn from pains me greatly and I promise to not let it happen again.

Happy vegetable garden planning and designing for 2006