Vegetable Garden Plot

Garden Layout Story - Vegetable garden by annexing


My vegetable garden in Half Moon Bay started with many false starts. It included trying to grow tomatoes on the roof as an experiment (we get little summer sun or heat in HMB). Then as just carrots and spinach in a part of the yard layout that was being converted.

The year the vegetable garden took off and I started annexing territory in our yard was the year we put in a deck to replace a brick patio. With a major problem with gophers it was decided to go with a raised vegtable garden. Off to buy chicken wire and stone blocks. We had dirty, so I used what we had rather than purchasing dirt. As I look back, this has created a lot of work try to ammend soil with a lot of clay in it. This gave me the main portion of our garden. With left over bricks I got another area by the neighbors fence. This wasy plenty of space for vegetables and a good garden layout until Garlic.

Garlic started as 25 store bought cloves being planted and harvested with good success. Then a read of Chester Arron's Garlic book and I was hooked. The next year production was bumped up to 80 garlic with seed garlic of Kettleriver and Inchelium. Another book by Ron Engeland's, How to Grow Great Garlic, and I was growing 200 garlics and the garden layout wasn't enough. I added wine barrels to the front yard. A bad year with onion maggots and production increased to 440 garlics and the garden layout included some of the front yard that went along with the garlic grown in the back and side and wine barrels (4 more wine barrels added).

Sure I still have enough room to grow all the other vegetables that we need, but my garden started with a failed roof-top tomato and continues today with garlic that I ship as far away as friends in Germany and a vegetable garden layout that I am happy with ... for now.