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By Stripes007
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I like your lay out. do your plants dry out faster with black tires or dose the water stay in the rings? I was thinking on doing that for Some of my garden in MN. for the horseradish and or hazelnut bush. Do you think with my -30'F the roots would freeze all the way? are you in the hills or mountain do you get Freeze temps?
I am sorry I did not see your posting to me....
By msawin
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Heat with black tires.... Yes in Northern Calif here it gets into the low 100's late summer and "I think" the roots are getting an extra dose of warmth they might not need... Hold to much H2o, I do not think so. the bottoms are open to vent. I use the tires to keep the Gophers at bay. Rocks or round mason pavers at the bottoms of many. Freeze.. It doesn't get that deeply cold here. We are just North of Sacramento, Ca. 1000 ft elev. My Horseradish and Asparagus and Artichokes love the tires...