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Kossack Kohlrabi
By Stripes007
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I see you plant Kossack Did it really grow Big and still taste good ? I am going to grow this year and wonder how much space needed for them. Great lay out.
By Stripes007
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All the 4 x 4 are now raised the melons and watermelons cukes and vine type are in reg soil with black Frabric and grow up not out. tomatos raised bed last year. peas white frabric in ground grow up. potatos in bags (best thing! on nov20 tiped over bags harvest all no diggin) I live close to Mankato MN and Waseca MN still working on 2011 lay out and in years to come would love a green house heated. Most trees will fruit in 2 to 4 years from now. and to find some one hope they updated there garden (then click on there ladybug) I also have pic of garden under forum/veg pic and videos/ large square foor garden last year.
tiller, deer, groundhogs.
By Stripes007
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I had problems also with tiller the shop told me to only use non oxygenated gas and the red stablilizer that i used to winter my (toys)makes a gunk in motor he said better to use blue stuff no gunk do not know name of it if you need to know i will PM it after ask hubby. you may have to use a shop to clean out gunk. for your deer have you tried garlic soaked in water to make a tea then spray on all plants? and the ground hogs have you tried some kind of small wind spinner thats sends vibration in the ground they move away think big preator walking above ground. hope this helps
By Stripes007
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look up homemade deer repellent you will get alot of cheap recipes to try find one that works I looked they even have ones with hot peppers in it. heres just one site with a few recipes on it