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Seed Companies

Please note that we provide the information solely as hobby gardeners who may or may not have used the products and services of these companies. We have no intention to create a database of every seed company on the planet but to help our visitors locate some of the more well-known, obscure or specialty seed sources in (and eventually, outside) the US.

Do let us know if you've discovered a great seed source!

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
Mansfield, Missouri

Specialize in Heirloom Seeds
800-888-1447  Pennsylvania/US
Diverse selection


Very plain black and white catalog and reasonable priced seeds.
Ferry-Morse® Seed Company
800-283-3400  Kentucky/US
Diverse selection
Filaree Farm
(509) 422 6940  Washington/US
Our favorite source for garlic!
Gurney's Seed and Nursery Co.
(513) 354-1491  Greendale, IN
Diverse selection
Herb'N Gardens
Specializing in square foot gardening seed mats and planting guides.
Hume Seeds
Specializing in the best seeds for short seasons and cool climates.
Johnny's Selected Seeds
877-564-6697  Maine/US
Diverse selection
Park Seed Co.
Unique hard to find seeds
Ronniger's Potato Farm
877-204-8704  Colorado/US
We love their "All Blue" potatoes which look really cool as chips/crips!
Seeds of Change
888-762-7333  New Mexico/US
Diverse selection
Seed Savers Exchange
Offer 500 varieites of the 24,000 they collect.
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Specialize in open pollinated and heirloom varieties, especially those adapted to the Southeast. Catalogs provide great info. Reasonable pricing.
Veseys Seeds
Specializes in seeds for cool short growing seasons. Great for Canadians and Northern US vegetable gardeners.
Victory Seed Company
(503) 829-3126  Oregon/US
Open-pollinated and heirloom seeds