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About Plangarden

Dynamic program runs on the Web; download not required (optional download for slow connections) Always have the most recent version of software (no software upgrades required). Data and backups stored on remote server means your garden data is safe in the event your PC hard drive crashes!
Drag-and-drop graphic interface. Show vegetables as individual plants or rows. Print function. Easy to get started in mapping out your garden, planning which veggies to add and printing out a visual representation of your plan -- within minutes so you can spend more time outdoors!

Menu selection with pre-selected or user-defined labels. No required fields or entries. Text labeling function.

Offers speed in selecting items and flexibility in allowing you to label plants, garden plots, beds, containers, and where they're located (e.g. "north fence"). Program allows you to use as much or as little of the features as you want!
Lay out tools with various shapes and colors; measuring tool in imperial and metric units Accommodates any number of odd-shaped garden plots, raised beds and containers with dimensions to scale and color scheme to differentiate, e.g. raised beds from containers. Any garden shape you can conjure up in an area up to 5 acres (2 ha) is do-able!
Optional 1-foot grid Accommodates square foot gardeners.
"Know When To Plant" guide Helps plan sowing indoors/outdoors based on your growing season.
Journal/log gardening activities Know what you've done and when: soil work, sowing seeds, pest control, etc. to improve gardening results: Which crops were winners/losers? Did soil work produce any benefits? How should I plan for crop rotation?
Harvest Estimator; choice of units to record harvest Helps stagger crops for harvesting (save fridge space); time harvesting your produce with market windows.
Opt-in Share Garden Allows users to share their garden plan to provide and/or receive comments from Plangarden visitors.
Ability to view prior years' garden data and layouts Helps planning for current year (crop rotation, soil work); provides information on "successes and failures" to help improve future gardening results .

Plangarden will offer more features and enhancements that will aim to minimize manual entries on a computer and help enrich your gardening experience. We value and thank you for any feedback on the application and Web site!