Vegetable Garden Plot

Greetings Educators!

Teachers, parents, gardening consultants, health and social care workers - anyone who wishes to promote a love for nature, the outdoors and healthy eating - read on to see how Plangarden can be a beneficial educational tool!

Planning and Organization Lay out plot, determine shape, dimensions. Log gardening and harvesting activities periodically.

Determine number and spacing of seeds; how many packets, bulbs or rootstock to purchase; adequacy of plot or container space based on desired harvest.

Math - geometry, measurement, operations, estimation, algebra
Visualization of 2-D to 3-D space.
Using calendar
Record keeping
Language development
Adjunct to Science curriculum All of the above. Applying scientific method (hypothesis testing, observation, record keeping)
Engagement During Non-growing Season The winter or non-growing months are a great time to use Plangarden's "Lay out" and "Know When To Plant" tools to keep minds active and anticipate what they need to do prior to the outdoor growing season (e.g. building new or expanding existing beds, adding containers, sowing indoors). All of the above.

We will be offering Plangarden subscriptions to public schools and other qualified non-profit institutions at highly discounted rates. Please contact us for more information.


It's ironic how a computer application can actually get people to spend more time outdoors, but think of it this way: we live in a technological age where electronic tools are used with growing acceptance and enthusiasm in outdoor activities. Think of the hobby of geocaching - using a GPS for "treasure hunting" ( - a wonderful activity for families. Sophisticated digital cameras are creating a new cadre of amateur photojournalists who showcase their images - a romantic waterfall, an worn picket fence, a hoosidoosit in the compost pile - over the Web.