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How to use: (Metric units will follow after this test. Use 929 cm2 for 1 ft2.)
  1. Select vegetable or herb.
  2. Enter number of square feet used in growing the plants. Don't include space between rows. (A tomato row might be 2ft wide and 6ft long or 12sqft.)
  3. Change any other parameter from LEFT to RIGHT (the LEFT columns dictate what appears to the RIGHT)
  4. Click on "Add Vegetable" button if you need more entries.
  5. Click on "Recalculate" button if you change entries.
  • Selecting a new vegetable recalculates all values!
  • Fields are automatically recalculated when you click outside the field or press tab!
  • *Area used is determined by the program and cannot be changed by users.




This estimator is strictly for educational/entertainment purposes! It is not meant for commercial use.


Actual harvest amounts can vary significantly from this calculator. Database values are based on averages and estimates. Pests, bumper crops, and other variables will affect actual results.


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