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Plangarden Affiliate Program

Terms and Conditions for Affiliate Program

Anyone with a gardening Web site or blog can earn extra income by participating in the Plangarden Affiliate Program.


Earn 15% on every subscriber who signs up for 1 or 3 year subscription.


Here is all you need to do:


Free Vegetable Garden software account
1. Sign up for a Free Trial. You do NOT need to be a Plangarden subscriber to participate.
Plangarden Affiliate Program
2. Return to this page once you have logged in by clicking on "Affiliate Program" on the page footer or from the "My Account" page.
Vegetable Garden Software
3. Put a special affiliate link on your Web site or blog, and promote Plangarden by writing about us, and/or use one of our banner ads. We're also available for interviews on how to use the application, as well as general gardening topics.


If you already have a Plangarden account, please log in and return to this page.