Vegetable Garden Plot


Unless specified, these comments came from user feedback from various threads on the Plangarden FORUM:

  • "I found this progamme very useful in my planning ... A brilliant site - been looking for something like this for years - saves an awful lot of trees as i used to make lists, plans, then more lists and plans etc."

  • "thanks ... by the way exelent [sic] program have been looking for something like that for a long time. very good."

  • "we really like your site and program. I am amazed at how many techies have dirt under their nails."

  • "I am soooo impressed with this program and that you have followed up with concerns.  Thank you for the informative email...keep up the good work!" - from a user email

  • "I am glad to hear you are already working on this. I found this site not too long ago and it has been extremely helpful, not only for myself, but for a few of the guys I work with. It has been great for helping them visualize and be as independent in planning as possible."

  • "I love this site. I have rented a garden plot from the city and worried about the planning of the garden. I'm a bit anal and need to plan it out before hand. I first attempted to do this with graph paper and got quickly frustrated. Then I found this site."

  • "Roy this is a great site/program/application whatever you want to call it! Don't ever throw in the towel or sell it to some other entity that might screw it up. Keep up the good work!"

  • "Just want to say thank you and I really like this site. I have only had one garden, last year and it didn't go too well at that. Thank you again and it's really an impressive site."