Vegetable Garden Plot

Revision History


Release 1.21 - 6/8/07

  • Six new flowers and parsnips added
  • Ruler upates when zooming in and out
  • Delete message fixed

Release 1.20 - 5/6/07

  • Fixed bug with dates not being editable
  • Fixed bug with large gardens not scrolling when zoomed in

Release 1.19 - 4/14/07

  • Variable screen sizing. Plangarden can now handle 800x600 and UP
  • Zoom will zoom on selected vegetable
  • Daily log properly sorts by date
  • Rearranged columns in Daily log to match order items appear
  • Adding a new vegetable always adds next to Vegetable Selector
  • Adding new garden objects always adds in top left corner
  • Daily log no longer uses dropping, instead there is an Add item button
  • Added "Comment" and "Compost" to the Daily log as choices

Release 1.18 - 2/9/07

  • Added email feature. Now you can email friends your garden layout
  • Panning can now be enabled and disabled. Yes I use my own software and this annoyed me
  • Added Tip alert window to printing to encourage people to use Ctrl-P which works better than the built in Flash print feature.
  • Fixed bug in text not auto-resizing with long text strings.
  • Fixed bug in shared gardens having a warning if a newer version is available.

Release 1.17 - 1/29/07

  • Added Greenhouse to Actions in Daily Log
  • Added new plant Area feature in Plant info
  • Added coloring for Area and Rows
  • Fixed Harvest Log bug for items first entered
  • Fixed Harvest Log bug display not working for beans

Release 1.16 - 1/14/07

  • Added Zooming and panning
    • Support for 480 x 450 garden plots
    • Zoom from 1/4 to 4x Magnification
    • Move around garden with simple panning
  • Ruler now highlights when clicked on. Line for measuring made thicker
  • Fixes
    • Saving daily log that was broken in 1.15
    • Beans not showing in harvest tab when first planted.

Release 1.15 - 12/15/06

  • Added the ability to transfer data to new year with options to transfer
    • Garden Plot only
    • Garden and all the vegetables planted
    • Garden and just the vegetables that are now yet planted

Release 1.14 - 6/30/06

  • Increased maxium garden size to 120x120 until the new zoom feature is added

Release 1.13 - 6/17/06

  • Added metic option for garden layout
  • Added new date format option so both m/d/y and d/m/y are now supported
  • Fixed bug with Hide Names no longer working when reloading.

Release 1.12 - 5/22/06

  • Added "Harvested" Feature. This allows users to mark an item as harvested. It them can be set to either be visible, dimmed or completely hidden via an Option on the pulldown menu.

Release 1.11 - 5/21/06

  • Stand-alone (downloaded .exe, zip, hqx) versions now check for a more recent version on server. Added Plangarden software to CNET

Release 1.10 - 5/21/06

  • Added new Options menu that allows Revert to last saved state or to create a new garden from scratch. Includes loading garden plots or years which is disabled until it is built.

Release 1.09 - 5/20/06

  • Added Greem Onions and Shallots.

Release 1.08 - 4/25/06

  • Added Rhubarb and updated the Shared Garden to use 1.08 version.

Release 1.07 - 4/16/06

  • Added Harvest Estimator code allows you to enter when you should harvest and also to be able to see when you will harvest and your planting date in the harvest tab.

Release 1.06 - 4/12/06

  • Added color to layout objects

Release 1.05 - 4/8/06

  • Added Gourd
  • Added Fertilizer
  • Added Row to Plant Info pull-down
  • Added Text object to layout objects.

Release 1.04 - 4/2/06

  • Added Asparagus
  • Increased maxium garden size to 100x74 per user request and the facts that the vegetable scaling allows this to work better than I thought it would.

Release 1.03 - 3/28/06

  • Fixed odd resizing bug when circles were present in the design.
  • Added Flowers - it looks like a Marigold, but that was what was first asked for.

Release 1.02 - 3/28/06

  • Fixed bug in Daily log saving.
  • Fixed drag-line when changing vegetable scaling.
  • Added Garden to items for Daily Log.
  • Added weeding to action in Daily log.

Notes form beta 2006 and alpha testing in 2005 are no longer available