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Plangarden Privacy Policy

Respecting Your Privacy
While you are visiting, we want you to know that we respect your privacy and recognize your desire to protect your personal information. However, failure to provide some information, such as your Email address and ZIP Code, may prevent you from accessing certain Plangarden tools, services, news, or promotional offers. Please do not provide Plangarden with any personal information if you are under 18 years of age.
Use of Your Information
The limited user information we have is used exclusively for Plangarden. You may, however, opt out of certain uses of your personal data (e.g. "Share Garden") as well as review or request changes to your personal information. We will not share with or sell your information to third parties without your permission. We may track the Internet addresses of our visitors and analyze this data for Plangarden trends and statistics; however, this information alone will not allow us to identify who you are.
Use of Cookies
Some Plangarden Web pages use "cookies," which are small files saved on your computer. Cookies help us recognize your user preferences and can improve your future Web visits, but they do not allow us to identify who you are. You can set your Web browser to notify you when you are receiving a cookie, and then choose to reject it. However, rejecting cookies may affect the performance of Plangarden Web pages and prevent you from accessing certain Plangarden information.

Emails from Plangarden
Plangarden will send out emails to inform users of site enhancements and new offerings. Users always have the option to inform us if they do not wish to be in our distribution list. We do not sell or distribute email addresses to any third parties!
Plangarden is committed to protecting your privacy and shall update this policy from time to time to keep it current.