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the fig is a hardy to zone 5-10 heres the web page for that (and if you have a south sunny spot for it even better) in the citys you may get by with in ground and wrap wire aound and stuff dry leaves then hope mice do not make nest in it,or some people do this to ther fig and some cut the roots on one side lay the tree or bush over to the other side then cover then in spring put back up straight and feed the tree and water good to grow roots back.or grow in pot then in fall let dry out some (not dead) but slow growth down then place in cool spot in garage or basement just needs not to freeze. ok next plant quince Russian Quince zone 4 will grow in our zone after a few years I will find a spot for it to live forever and grow 10 feet tall (I will prun to keep smaller then 15 feet) but until its 5 to 6 feet tall I will move it to keep the bunnys from it (the snow got so deep the fence around other trees, could not see at all. bunny ate tops of some trees this year) but you should grow it. next plant pomegranate zone 8 so this one grows only 2 to 4 feet so he can sit in the house in a sunny spot all winter my bedroom up stairs is 750Sq feet (if you can square a round room) lots of light but any south facing window will help for you. so try it if it dies your out 9.99 & shipping. next plant peach you may grow this zone 4 and shop around it my be cheaper now other places, was new when I got it last year. hope this helps you and your garden. my sister lives in eden prairie.