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By Stripes007
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Looks like your already there.
By Stripes007
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I go to a frabic store and get tuele (wedding vale stuff) and put around my pants keeps most bugs out lets light in and comes in a great colors, when flowers, take off and store (Brassica leave on all season) I also got a black light to see cat and dog messes in carpets. get one, dress good for the blood suckers at night, go out on a moon less night and all bugs will glow. then pick them and thru in bucket (of hot coles if you like to burn them)of soapy water hope this helps. if you use garden frabric around bass of plants some beetles can't get to dirt to lay eggs.
By Stripes007
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"orchard mason bees" no hunny but great bees for pollination no need to worry about stings not a hive bee. look up on internet can order live unhatched bees and will take time to get a full area of bees (they nest in holes) I have the straw type nester and I take some tubes out and put in frig just so i know the -30 F will not kill off all my bees some year. if you go with Block type nester can take more cold hope this helps