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By Stripes007
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Hi Was looking at your lay out and I see that your raspberries are right next to Blackberries if you have not planted yet you may want to space them apart. Copied- "Do not plant raspberries where tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, or eggplant have been grown within the past four years, because these crops carry a root rot called Verticillium that can also attack raspberries. Destroy all wild raspberry and blackberry plants within a distance of 600 feet of your planting site if possible, to reduce the possibility that virus diseases might be spread to your planting." copied from/ Prepared by David T. Handley, vegetable and small fruit specialist, University of Maine Cooperative Extension other sites say 500 to 800 feet. hope this helps you could try one on one side of garden and one on the other side and clean tool if going from one to the other plants.