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Trial Version - 5 Unresolved Issues
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I'm using the trial version; thanks for making it possible btw. I have three problems I am unable to "cure" and worrying this is also in the full version or if this is an area that under review or being rewritten.

#1- I'm under the Daily Log tab attempting to sort my entries by date. I entered one for 4/20 and realized I had forgotten to annotate something for 4/18 and added it. I saved and tried to sort by date, but the sorting seems to be happening based on when the entry was entered rather than by actual date manually entered.

I was also curious what the criteria are for the action and item are in terms of sorting.

#2- Frost dates in preferences don't remain saved if I log out or close the window and reopen it without login out.

#3- Under plant information, after selecting a plant, e.g. Sunflower, I have been entering my own name, e.g. Sunflower - Mammoth Grey Strip, then I try to change the icon look. In this case, there are three options including the default icon. The first time around it allows me to select the icon of choice, say the next one or number 2. If I duplicate, instead of doing it with my new icon choice, it reverts to the default icon, but that's not all. Now if I try to select number 2, it won't let me. I can select any other, however, and must do so to then be able to select number 2 again. Which is to say, that I can't duplicate the plant information with the newly chosen icon and I cannot choose it twice in a row to correct the duplication problem. Clear as mud? Smile

ETA(1): #4- The new icons as stated in #3 are not showing under the Daily Log tab; only the default icon shows and it's not only for Sunflowers.

ETA(2): #5- I found another issue, when printing the Harvest log, it doesn't print all the plants, rather it prints a screen shot, i.e. only what is visible on the screen.

Let me know if you need clarification.

Thank you,


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