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When I first heard about this site, I was very excited. Shocked I came into this site with alot of preconceived ideas and was disappointed. Confused I also am using the site for what it was meant for and think it is very good. So I just had to change my thinking about what the site is for and how it would work for me. There are some things that could be better and you all have done a great job at listing them. I would like to see perhaps a moderator or site personel respond to some of these suggestions as to whether any of them will be included any time soon. Question

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Post Site Response. 
First, I want you to know that I like this question and I want to give you a satisfactory answer, so please follow up if you still have questions.

Plangarden has been a working application on the web for a year and a half now. The first press announcement was made just over a year ago. At that time the software was functional as a basic planner and input and direction started to pour in from real vegetable gardeners, not study groups or marketing gurus, but people that wanted software for vegetable gardening. (Request for flowers to be added we later a popular request.)

Plangarden is a web-based service that is dynamic and growing. Most people have need seen software that is delivered over the web, that can be updated with new features without having to do anything and thus it is something new that you have to get used to. It is exciting because it evolves and you get to be part of that with your input. There is a lot of user input that is already in this product and much more to come. I think that the way you experienced the software and the site is very normal and I am glad to see you go from disapointed to happy, because from here you will only get happier as time goes on.

The next release of software will have a large database under it and this touches every part of the application. Initially, I hoped to roll it out in stages, but as the developement proceeded, I realized that it will be better if everything converts at once. This has caused a longer delay between releases than normal. It also makes it hard to put out a roadmap until this is done.

Once the next release is done, which will probably be called 2.0, Plangarden will publish a roadmap. There will even be polls and topics added to the forum to discuss with users which features to do first and solicit more input.

So what will you get with this database release?
Customization of the vegetable selector, which will be renamed to the plant selector.
Over 3500 types of vegetable will be added, and you will get to choose what you want to include. None of the current functionality will be removed.
You will be able soon to upload your own icons and submit icons for others to use.
If you see the "Plant Lib", which is greyed out now, this will be activated and many features discussed above will be included in that.

From there a roadmap for features will be layed out. Easy to implement features will simply be done. Other features will be prioritized and you will get to have input into this.

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