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Mole or Gopher problems
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Post Mole or Gopher problems 
Crying or Very sad What do you recommend for moles or gopher in your garden?

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Post Gophers in vegetable garden problem 
Gophers are a serious problem in my area. I have tried many solutions and not one is 100% full-proof.
I will rate the items that I have tried from best to worst.

Chicken wire - While not practical for a large garden, I have a small raised garden with 200+ square feet of raised beds. While this would seem to work 100% of the time there are two problems with it.
    1. Eventually the wire rust or they chew/dig through it.
    2. They crawl over it and tunnel into the raised bed and are then stuck in vegetable heaven.

Last year in my raised bed I had the most beautiful celeriac that was ready to pick. I wanted to give it a few days. When I went out to pick it I saw it had wilted in just two days times. When grabbed the top, that was all there was. It had been eaten out from below.

Poison pelluts - This works if you can put it where they think it is food. If they detect human smell on it, often they will push is aside. This also is something that I ONLY use in the yard and not in the garden.

Gopher gas - I would not suggest using this in an organic garden, but when I see the signs of them in my yard, I have used this. I don't know if it works, but they do seem to either die or leave for a while. I have had to use more than one on a hole.

Flares Once I heard that roadside magnessium flares worked as well as gopher gas. The funny thing that happened when I tried this is I put a plastic cover over the whole where I had dropped the flare. When I came back out an hour later I noticed that the plastic was melted. I KNOW that I put the flare way down in the hole and this shouldn't have happened. When I removed the plastic cover I found the flare up against it with a mound of dirt pushed out of the whole. Now I have seen this method work, but sometime, somehow the gophers win.

Sonic beepers - A device that makes an annoying tone that is suppose to drive the gophers away. I have two of these in my garden. I can't say much for how well they work since I see two recent mounds well within the area that they are suppose to be effective. This may depend on what type of gophers you have and what type of music they listen to. Laughing

I have not tried the traps or spring loaded spikes, so I can not speak for those ... YET. I am sure over time I will try most devices since all I have tried are a little lacking.

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Post Everyone's solutions to gopher problems 
UC Davis' solution:

Everyone else's solution (more entertaining)

Good luck!

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Post moles 
I know I'm reviving an old thread, but all the threads are old, so what the heck!

We've have good luck with the sonic beepers. The packaging states that the first week or two, moles/gophers may be attracted to the sound, but after that they stay away. We've found this to be the case, and have had no problems with moles and gophers for the last six months. This was especially a problem for our septic mound system, where the varmits actually did some damage by tunnelling into the system. The only catch is the batteries need to be replaced twice a year at least. And they beepers cost about $20 each, which is kinda steep.

We also have several cats which occassionally catch varmits. The cats seem to stay out of the garden, so they've been no problem. I think they stay out simply because there is better hunting elsewhere. The cats follow us into the garden when we go in, but usually leave once they get bored, and prefer to hang out in our barn or hay storage areas that are more protected and have mice to hunt. The cats hunt the moles and gophers at night.

Chicken wire rusted out in only one year where it was in the ground, so I would not recommend that, but it does work for the short-term.

Our neighbors use traps. They claim the gophers & moles don't generally move very far, so once you've cleared an area, it will stay cleared pretty much and just have to put traps at the edges. They use the squeeze-type traps that squish the varmit between two curved pieces of metal rod that when open, create a sort of tube opening. The trick with these traps is to find a freshly dug mound, dig it out until the hole is clean and clear, then place the trap in it with the opening set so the varmit can enter the trap from their hole. The digging-out is the trick, as they claim the varmits do not use older tunnels but prefer to always make new ones, and will be attracted to the disturbed dirt from your digging.

Lastly, rototilling seems to discourage them, but not sure if its because we kill them inadvertently, or the compost we add is a deterrent, or what. But when we rototill, we can occasionally see the trail of where the varmit tunnelled into the tilled area, and then back out and stayed away. I think its basically because they eat roots, and tilled soil has no roots, or at least not any a few inches below the surface where they are expecting them to be.

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Post Sonic Beepers and Gophers 
I have been experimenting with the sonic beepers as well.
They have seemed to work fairly well, and I can see gophers digging outside the range they say is efffective.

One thing I have done is switched to rechargeable batteries. This of courses doubles the initial investment, but if I can stop buying batteries every six months (which I agree is about how long they last) then I will win in the long run. Some times rechargable batteries don't like a slow drain, which is what the sonic beeper is putting them through. When the results are in and I have a feeling for how long they last I will report back.

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