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My Wish List (current version)
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Here's my wish list/punch list... I'll repost occasionally as I think of a lot more. Hehe

(In no particular order)

1. When using "duplicate" button, have size carry over for round garden plot shapes.

2. When using "duplicate" button, have text size carry over for names of vegetables.

3. Allow selection upon, and action upon, an area on the grid rather than just individual items.

4. Allow items to be locked together, for example veggies on a garden bed, or veggies compared to one another, to allow moving them all at once without losing relative positions.

5. When using "duplicate" button, have vegetables auto-place themselves relative to last moved veggie of that type... in this session, not some long ago previous one.

6. Allow optional shortcut of using "delete" button on keyboard instead of clicking the "delete" button onscreen. Ask "are you sure?" if this keyboard method is used, and allow hitting "enter" as shortcut to say yes.

7. More conventional resizing tools on garden plots shapes plz.

8. Version that can be run on a Palm Tungsten T3 Razz

Thank you!!

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Post ideas for Plangarden 
Thanks for the feedback.

1) Can do. I will look into that.
2) Another we should be able to add.
3) More advanced users ask for this and we have tooled version 2.0 that was just released this year to be able to handle multi-select. Changing many items at once add a few more challenges (like undo and redo) but we this will be visited in future releases.
4) Moving as a group is easy. Locking vegetable and the land they occupy is a little trickier. Something we will look at tackling later.
5) I will work on duplicate. I am not happy with how it works today. What you suggest
6) Keyboard short-cuts is easier to handle now in version 2. This takes some playing around to get to work, but it will be a feature that will work its way into the software with other features. Not sure when yet.
7) I would like to know what you mean by more conventional sizing tools. Please specify. I would like to hear your ideas on this.
Cool I have talked with some of the people I know at Adobe and it boils down to this. Plangarden requires flash player 9+ to run. The best mobile devices to day have special versions of Flash, but not upgradable version. Adobe is working on making upgradable Flash players for mobile. Too late for your Tungsten, but hopefully future generations of devices will be better suited for Plangarden to work on them.

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Post Old questions and new suggestions 
Hi Roy,
i'm a new user of the web application and just finished designing my garden. I had to do a lot of duplication of plants and found that the size and position of a plant's text label was no preserved during the duplication, which I would expect. Once i resize and position the label relative to the image it should stay there for every new duplication.

The positioning of the duplicated plants is also problematic. The new duplicate should appear close to the parent plant not somewhere on the canvas out of sight or behind the information/library boxes. Take a look at how Visio handles this. It's a mature drawing product and they have solved most of these issues. Same goes for multiple selection, grouping, spacing/aligning, etc.

Lastly i got a couple of questions that tutorials/forums don't cover.

1. How to add a new plant to the library?
2. How to add a picture to a plant? I see that there's a drop-down list for icons in the Plant Information box but there's no clear way of adding a new image to it.
3. My garden is hydroponic and i have multiple nutrient tanks. It would be very helpful to be able to distinguish in the log which tank i'm writing about. So in addition to the generic "Garden" item there needs to be a way to add other items/groupings. For example: nutrient tank A, flower bed B, all flowers, green vegetables, etc...
4. And finally is there a way to add log entries from a smart phone? So far i was not able to find that feature. While working in the garden i would like to be keeping track of what i'm doing while it's still fresh in my mind. A mobile app would be great. A simpler solution would be to allow creation of log entries by sending an email to the garden email address. Zoho Projects does this very well.

Thanks in advance for your response.

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