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I thought I'd share some pics of how I put my garden together. Below you'll see how I use raised rows, drip irrigation and landscaping cloth. I've used this method for over 15 years and have always had great results. I do/will have some areas that I "hand water", use mulch (which I create myself from all the spring and fall yard debris).

This is probably week three since I started setting out the seedlings for tomatoes. The peas are just about done producing, so I'll move the Bean/Pea house to grow the Limas. Everything was started from seed, are all heirloom varieties and are now thriving. Just a few more $$'s and the garden will be complete. Still have to get the Lima and Wax beans, 3 different squash in, just put the Sweet Potatoes in yesterday...there's still plenty of time for growing. Just can't wait to sit back and watch it grow Very Happy Enjoy the pics!!

After amending the soil, create the raised rows, lay the drip irrigation and cover with black landscaping fabric. I cut slits in the fabric to plant the seeds.

Completed plot for corn. There will be a second plot the same size on the opposite side of the central pathway. 120 seeds planted of Golden Bantam. 9 seeds of Sugar Baby Watermelon on north side, 9 seeds of Delicious 51 Cantaloupe on the south side. The second plot of corn will be surrounded by squash.

One week later the corn and melon have sprouted. Kentucky Wonder Wax beans will be grown on the corn stalks.

My tomato plot...4 different varieties. Peppers in the right hand row in the foreground. Asparagus growing on the left hand side of the plot. Parsley & Basil is interspersed throughout, with some Nasturtium thrown in for color. You can't see it too well right now but there's also Eggplant at the far end to the right.

My first Radish harvest two weeks ago.

One type of Romaine lettuce I'm growing...ready to have a delicious Caesar Salad.

Fingerling Salad Potatoes growing steady. This was taken two weeks ago. They're about 3' tall now. Can't wait to eat these Wink

Fingerling Potato flower bloom.

Enjoy life, play in the dirt.
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