Vegetable Garden Plot

Download Plangarden

You do not need to download Plangarden to use it because it operates in any browser (Firefox, IE, Safari, Chrome) and runs on the Web. The "download version" is identical to the "online version".

However, there are two reasons you might want to download Plangarden:

  1. Slow Internet connection.
  2. Convenience of having Plangarden on your desktop.

You will still need a LIVE Internet connection to run Plangarden for both download and online versions because SAVES to your garden are made on a remote server.

Download Garden Planner Plangarden 3.67 Zipped (PC Version) 4.5 Mb


Download Garden Planner Plangarden 3.67 AIR complete with Adobe AIR (PC Version) 22.7 Mb


Download Garden Planner Plangarden 3.67 Air Package(Mac or PC new) 569 Kb * Requires Adobe AIR 3.8+ (currently unsigned)

Get Adobe Air


If you want to uninstall the downloadable version of Plangarden, just delete it. No registry updates or other changes have been made on your computer. When you delete the program, it is gone. It is that simple.


HOW TO USE PLANGARDEN TOURS - Flash movies (similar to Quick Tour) to help you learn to use Plangarden vegetable garden software: