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About Plangarden Vegetable Design Garden Software

Plan your vegetable garden and record your harvest with easy to use online software

Welcome to a new, unique way to manage your vegetable garden. Plangarden is entirely online. There is no software to download or install.

Plangarden is built around ease-of-use and is a growing application driven to provide vegetable gardeners with a computer tool that enhances and improve your gardening experience.

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Vegetable garden software


Who should be interested Plangarden software?

  • You want a better way to visualize your garden before you plant.
  • You want to look back at last year to plan your crop rotation.
  • Recording when and how much you harvest is important to you.
  • Share your garden with others with a visual reference to your garden layout.
  • You are part of a community garden and want to pre-plan out the plot.
  • Get students involved in a gardening program by first planning before planting.
  • Even when the ground is frozen you want to be getting ready for planting.