Vegetable Garden Plot

Plangarden Beta 3.0 (released April 23, 2010)


Welcome to the beta release for Plangarden 3.0.


WARNING! If you've used beta 3.0 features in your garden, such as the compass or new icons, and then use version 2.15, you will not be able to load your garden - *** IT WILL TIME OUT AFTER 40 SECONDS ***. You can either just use the beta version OR remove all the new plant icons and/or the compass and go back to using version 2.15.. Once v. 3.0 is stable, version 2.15 will be obsolete.


If you wish, you can duplicate your garden to play with the beta 3.0 version. Select "Options" >> "Duplicate Garden Area" >> Select options of what you wish to copy >> Click on "Duplicate".


Then go back to "Options" >> "Load Garden Area" >> Select Year and Garden Area name (usually "Copy [name-of-garden]")>> Click on "OK".


To rename the copy, select "Options" >> "Preferences" >> Type new name in the top right box under "Garden Name" >> Click on "OK".


As always, your garden is backed up every time you click on save.


New to Beta Version 3.0:

  • The new Library button allows you to add and subtract vegetable icons from the Vegetable Selector.
  • New Icon Selector for vegetables lets you change the look of veggie icons.
  • Compass icon is now available in the "Lay out Plot" tab.
  • Print now allows you to print Harvest and Daily log pages.

Bug Fixes:

  • Snapshot now accurately captures the screen as you see it.

Known issues still to be fixed:

  • Changing the vegetable icon will not change the icon in the Harvest or Daily Log tabs.
  • If you change the compass rotation and then scale it larger or smaller, another compass will appear next to it. Best workaround is to first modify the rotation, drag it to its final spot, and then change the scale/size of the compass.
  • Sometimes adding new icons to the Vegetable Selector will not appear unless you Save, close the browser, and then re-load Plangarden.

Click here to try out Plangarden beta version 3.0